Situated along the temperate Jade Shores, Cosmopol was originally founded as a cosmopolitan trade and cultural melting pot drawing in inhabitants from all corners of Pangaeica. Its diverse origins stem from being a neutral demilitarized zone between the warring Mandari nation-states that previously controlled the region.

Lasarra Magna

The oldest still-inhabited city on the continent, rebuilt and expanded over the cyclopean ruins of a former Mandari capital with its roots dating back over 10,000 years.

Phosphorus City

An artificial island metropolis constructed in the radiant Spire Sea off Pangaeica’s east coast, its infrastructure powered by harnessing the sea’s native electroluminescent energy reserves.

Xioshin Primaria

Originally founded as a corporate arcoplex by the Xiospheron Syndicate, Primaria’s seedy nightsprawl is the hub of Pangaeica’s illicit artifact running and techno-trafficking underworld.


This smog-choked hive city rises from the volcanic Embercrown Isles, its industries built around strip-mining geothermal energy and raw minerals from the region’s lava tubes and ash fields.

Neo Arcadis

Towering over the ancient reclaimed ruins of the old Mandari capital, Neo Arcadis is a dazzling chromescape of colossal neo-arcologies and mile-high skytowers. This cybertropolis serves as the opulent power center and headquarters for the corporatocratic hegemony that rules over all of Pangaeica.