Situated along the temperate Jade Shores, Cosmopol was originally founded as a cosmopolitan trade and cultural melting pot drawing in inhabitants from all corners of Pangaeica. Its diverse origins stem from being a neutral demilitarized zone between the warring Mandari nation-states that previously controlled the region.

Over the millennia, Cosmopol evolved into a renowned center of innovation, espousing principles of collective progress beyond petty nationalist divides. Its archivists were among the first to decipher and preserve Mandari data-glyphs, leading to technological renaissances across Andrascu.

In the current era, Cosmopol brands itself as the “City of Tomorrows” – a showcase for the latest advances across all industries from bioengineering to neurocybernetics. Massive interfaces and holographic fabrication spires line its eclectic skyline. However, its embracing of unrestrained enterprise has also bred rampant corporate espionage and black operations vying for superiority.

The city remains a commercial nexus for the trade of ideas, artistry, and artifact-derived technologies from every corner of Pangaeica. Upholding its history as a crossroads of cultural diversity and scientific discovery in the face of burgeoning cybergreed and corporate conflicts.