Neo Arcadis

Towering over the ancient reclaimed ruins of the old Mandari capital, Neo Arcadis is a dazzling chromescape of colossal neo-arcologies and mile-high skytowers. This cybertropolis serves as the opulent power center and headquarters for the corporatocratic hegemony that rules over all of Pangaeica.

At its geomatic heart lies the mile-wide Arcacorp Citradel – a vertiginous honeycomb of corporate enclaves where the elite boards of directors and their families live in virtually simulated paradise, insulated from the world they dictate below. Surrounding the Citradel’s base are concentrically layered security neighborhoods segregated by social strata and workforce indenturement grades.

Most of Neo Arcadis’ permanent population are cybernetically indentured labor drones toiling in the city’s mile-deep arcology foundries, refineries, and biotik fabrication facilities. Entire generations exist without ever seeing natural sunlight, born to perpetually manufacture the technology and cybernetics that sustain the corporatocracy’s totalitarian vision.

On the surface, the pristine cityscape of gleaming megascrapers and parade plazas showcases the corporacratic regime’s self-proclaimed societal “perfection.” Flawless drone caretakers, civil service mechanoids, and robomanders enforce the illusion of an idealized cybermetropolis at the city’s heart.

But even a casual observer can see how the superficial veneer of techno-utopia fades the further one travels from Neo Arcadis’ sanitized central sectors. The outerlimb projects descend into decaying refugee hive-sectors and expansive industrial corrosion zones where the cityscape’s true foundations of exploitation and cyber-rendered obsolescence are exposed.

Massive sentinel droids and militarized police mechas Known as the Corporati ruthlessly patrol Neo Arcadis’ desolate peripheries – always vigilant for insurrection from the oppressed underclasses and roving artifact runner gangs. For the corporatocracy permits no defiance against their vision of a neo-perfected, mechanistically systematized society no matter the human cost.