The Manderium Bracers

These pair of ornately etched vambraces were forged from a mysterious electro-conductive alloy by the ancient Mandari civilization. When worn together and their internal matrices are psychically imprinted to the user’s biorhythms, the Manderium Bracers grant the following abilities:

Bioelectric Amplification

  • The bracers act as conduits that allow the wielder to summon and project powerful arcs of bioelectrical energy from their hands and body in offensive arcs or defensive fields.
  • This amplifies the electrical signals in the user’s nervous system to superhuman levels.

Electronic Manipulation

  • By emitting tuned electromagnetic pulses, the user can exert digital control over electronic devices and systems within a short-range radius.
  • This allows overriding security protocols, disrupting equipment functions, or manipulating digital data streams.

Energized Intensity

  • The bracers bolster the wielder’s physical reflexes, agility and intensity to preternatural levels by optimizing their bioelectric signals.
  • This effect enhances speed, resilience and cognitive processing, but is mentally taxing to maintain for extended periods.


  • By sending out trace ionic pulses, the user can detect and track the electromagnetic emissions of technological targets through obstructions.
  • This “electrolocation” radar allows pinpointing hidden electronics/power sources and mapping electrical infrastructure.