Goth Pelago

Spanning the shimmering Veiled Sea in Pangaeica’s southwest, this massive flotilla of ramshackle refscraper barges and shipyards comprises the outlaw nightport of Goth Pelago. From a distance, its makeshift skyline of rusting metal habitats and neon rig lights almost resembles a bizarre manmade reef formation.

Goth Pelago began as a small offshore pirate haven over two centuries ago, built from salvaged tankers and drilling platforms. As local authorities turned a blind eye, it became a lawless freehaven attracting cyberrunners, mercenary outfits, and artifact smugglers from across the Veiled Sea seeking to operate unseen.

Today, the expansive blackport is a vertically stratified underworld – its uppermost decks occupied by the bacrim cartels and artifact running kingpins who ruthlessly govern the nightport through terror and vice. Descending down through the makeshift shipyards are progressively more dismal refugee theaters, narco-forges, and chop-biotiks where cybernetic augments and narcotherapies are grotesquely jury-rigged and trafficked.

The lowest underwater tiers are bereft of any law, where cyberpsychotic dregs exist in total anarchy alongside some of the most degenerate techno-augmented experiment victims and rejects.The only true “currency” is an endless cycle of violence and depravity born from illicit trafficking of artifacts, cybernetics, and arcano-narcotics across Pelago’s hellish nautical queendoms. Entire levels regularly collapse from structural neglect, only to be rebuilt elsewhere on the flotilla.

For those daring enough to enter Pelago’s nightmares, any exotic arcane artifact or narcotic cyberhypnosis can seemingly be acquired…for a ruinous price of credits, biotechware, or flesh. Even cybered out mercenaries think twice about delving into the deepest refscraper shantytowns, for few leave those submersible depths unscathed.