Xioshin Primaria

Originally founded as a corporate arcoplex by the Xiospheron Syndicate, Primaria’s seedy nightsprawl is the hub of Pangaeica’s illicit artifact running and techno-trafficking underworld.


This smog-choked hive city rises from the volcanic Embercrown Isles, its industries built around strip-mining geothermal energy and raw minerals from the region’s lava tubes and ash fields.

Neo Arcadis

Towering over the ancient reclaimed ruins of the old Mandari capital, Neo Arcadis is a dazzling chromescape of colossal neo-arcologies and mile-high skytowers. This cybertropolis serves as the opulent power center and headquarters for the corporatocratic hegemony that rules over all of Pangaeica.


Andrascu is a largely Earth-like planet in terms of size, gravity, atmospheric composition and sustainable temperatures across the majority of its surface. However, it differs from Earth in several key ways: Continental Formations Volcanic Activity Exotic Hydrospheres Bioluminescent Ecology So while sharing basic planetary characteristics like diverse biomes and weather patterns similar to Earth, Andrascu’s …

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The Manderium Bracers

These pair of ornately etched vambraces were forged from a mysterious electro-conductive alloy by the ancient Mandari civilization. When worn together and their internal matrices are psychically imprinted to the user’s biorhythms, the Manderium Bracers grant the following abilities: Bioelectric Amplification Electronic Manipulation Energized Intensity Electrolocation

Abel Ryker

Abel was raised from a young age by his uncle in the Bracken Rig mining colony after his parents passed in a tunnel collapse. Scraping by on the hazardous mining rigs, Abel grew up hard and hungry for something more.

Vera Ryker

Vera Ryker was born into a once affluent merchant family in the city’s prosperous Emerald District. As a young woman, she defied her wealthy parents’ wishes by falling in love with Abel, a charismatic but rough-around-the-edges artifact hunter from the lower tiers.

Kalen Ryker

Kalen is a bright but impoverished 16-year-old living in the harsh underlevel slums of New Arcadian City with his mother Vera. His father Abel was an aspiring artifact hunter who got in too deep with some bad artifact running syndicates and went missing when Kalen was only 8 years old.

The Soulfire Talisman

This ancient bronze amulet is etched with arcane flamecraft runes and always seems to radiate a subtle warmth. It originated from a secretive fire spirit monastery deep in the Cindered Mountains. Legends say it was forged in the eternal flames of the Soul Furnace itself. When the proper activation ritual is performed (running one’s blood …

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