Andrascu is a largely Earth-like planet in terms of size, gravity, atmospheric composition and sustainable temperatures across the majority of its surface. However, it differs from Earth in several key ways:

Continental Formations

  • Andrascu has a single, mammoth continental land mass making up over 70% of its surface.
  • This supercontinent, now known as Pangaeica, encircles a vast central ocean dubbed the Ocularian Sea.
  • Pangaeica is flanked by two smaller continents – the volcanic Embercrown Isles and the glacial Drakkaren Shelf.

Volcanic Activity

  • Extremely high geothermal and volcanic activity across Pangaeica and Embercrown are driven by Andrascu’s dense iron core and spinning silicoid mantle.
  • The Embercrown island chain is home to thousands of active volcanic vents and pyroclastic fields.
  • This contributes to nutrient-rich mineral deposits but also noxious ash storms across certain regions.

Exotic Hydrospheres

  • The Ocularian Sea contains anomalous volumes of dissolved electrolytes from Andrascu’s excessive mineral cycling.
  • This amplifies the oceanic currents and atmospheric ionic discharge, generating extreme hydro-electromagnetic phenomena.
  • The Drakkaren’s frozen shelf seas have anomalously low salinity levels due to their hydrothermal isolation.

Bioluminescent Ecology

  • Much of Andrascu’s indigenous flora and fauna have evolved bioluminescent bio-electrical traits to better thrive.
  • Vast glowing fungal forests, electro-biochemical marine life, and shimmering light-spore fields are common.
  • Larger lifeforms like the grazing terillons utilize this for defense/communication over continental ranges.

So while sharing basic planetary characteristics like diverse biomes and weather patterns similar to Earth, Andrascu’s deviations in geological activity, ocean electrochemistry, and prevalence of bio-illumination create some strikingly unique ecological environments compared to its analogue.

These conditions are what allowed the Mandari to develop their sophisticated mastery of harnessing bioelectrical and geothermal forces. The ruins of their fallen cities likely blend into some of Andrascu’s most volatile volcanic, electrified and luminous landscapes – potentially hiding their greatest artifacts in plain sight among the wonders of the planet itself.