We are in the 37th Genesis Window.

Set on the planet Andrascu, a geologically active world with unique electrified and bioluminescent environments stemming from its exotic mineral makeup. We are in the current era, thousands of years after the decline of the highly advanced Mandari civilization, whose durable artifacts containing extraordinary powers get cyclically released across the planet during periods called “The Genesis Window”.

Andrascu’s single supercontinent of Pangaeica is now dominated by 13 major metropolitan cybercities, many built amid the reclaimed ruins of former Mandari capitals. These cities like the totalitarian cybermetropolis Neo Arcadis and the outlaw pirate nightport Goth Pelago exemplify a dark cyberpunk dystopia.

Ruled by powerful corporatocracies waging wars over the Mandari artifact resources through military force and socioeconomic oppression of the underclasses. Citizens undergo invasive cybernetic augmentation, with only the corporate elite able to access and wield artifacts. The dispossessed dregs resort to outlaw artifact running and illicit cyberaugment biotik trades in hopes of acquiring powers during the coming Genesis Window period.